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The Mouth and Nose internet platform (hereinafter also referred to as the community) offers its registered users (hereinafter referred to as the user) relevant content for reading about corona and masks and, depending on their authorization, to publish them. The users can publish their profile and their content independently, depending on their authorization. They are solely responsible for the content provided.


Each user undertakes to observe the principles of the community and in particular not to post any content that is intentionally untrue and defamatoryor fulfill other criminal offenses or violate the rights of third parties. Incidentally, areto observe the usual rules of conduct on the Internet and the general

To maintain manners.


It should be noted that the publication of content and opinions by users of mouth and nose in the community no expression of opinion Represents mouth and nose internet platform.


1. Scope


1.1 The following general terms and conditions apply exclusively to the use of the community operated by Qseven media GmbH via the website www.Mund and Nase.de. Conflicting terms and conditions of the user expressly do not apply unless Qseven media GmbH expressly agrees to their validity in writing.


1.2 Qseven media GmbH reserves the right to change these terms and conditions with future effect, provided that the changes are reasonable for the users of the community, taking into account the interests of Qseven media GmbH. This is particularly the case if the changes have no economic disadvantages for the user, for example, changes in the registration process or adaptation of the terms and conditions taking into account modified or new services or functionalities.


1.3 In the event of a change, Qseven media GmbH will notify the user of the changes to the terms and conditions by e-mail, notifying the user that the changes will be considered accepted if he does not object within four weeks of receiving the e-mail.


2. Registration

2.1 Every user who wants to use the services of the community has to
register before participating. In doing so, he must transmit the data requested in the registration form, which he must then keep up to date for the duration of his registration.


2.2 The registration is confirmed to the user by email. There is no legal claim to registration. The operator is entitled to refuse registration without giving reasons.


2.3 The user must fill in all fields marked as mandatory fields when registering
fill in correctly. Pseudonyms are not allowed, neither is the specification
a non-existent email address or an email address that belongs to a third party.

If the specified data changes after registration, the user is himself
undertakes to correct the information in its member account immediately. A
Multiple registration is not permitted.


2.4 Qseven media GmbH reserves the right to refuse registration without giving reasons. In this case, all user information recorded at www.mund-und-nase.de will be deleted within 5 working days.


2.5 Qseven media GmbH reserves the right to incomplete user accounts
delete registrations after a reasonable time.


3. Password and duties of the user


3.1 Upon registration, each user generates an individual password. Access to services in the community is only possible with this password.


3.2 If the password is lost or if there is a reasonable presumption that a third party
If the user becomes aware of the password, the user is obliged to use the password immediately
to change and inform the administrators of the community in writing by email or by fax.


3.3 Until the abuse is reported, the user will all in the community
statements and posted content added. The user is liable until
there for any abuse of third parties, unless it is not his fault.


3.4 The user has to check that all texts are correct. Of the
User undertakes to comply with the statutory provisions.


3.5 The user may not post any content or contributions, the rights of third parties (in particular
Name rights, personal rights, trademark rights, copyrights,
Ancillary rights, etc.) that are illegal, unsuitable for minors or
are offensive or can be mistaken for viruses, circumvention devices
or contain unsolicited mass mailings (so-called "spam"), which invite you to participate in chain letter, pyramid game and free stock campaigns, or which have commercial or other advertising purposes. The user must observe existing third-party copyrights and property rights and criminal law provisions.


3.6 The following content is not permitted and may not be set by the user:

- pornographic content- illegal / punishable content- defamatory and immoral content- violent ideas- content related to drug abuse- ideas with radical political or religious views.

If immoral or business-damaging content is posted, Qseven media GmbH is entitled to delete it and to prohibit the user from posting further in the forum.


3.7 The user is solely responsible for all data and information that he has about the
Community spread and passed on to others. If the possibility of specifying so-called hyperlinks (hereinafter referred to as "links") is given, the user undertakes to link the links he has set to illegal, offensive, racist,
youth-endangering, defamatory, threatening, radical-political or
Check pornographic content and delete links with such content.


3.8 It is not permitted to keep more than one user access in the community, even if
a user has different email addresses.


3.9 It is also not permitted to use machines, algorithms or other automatic
Use functions to generate page views or content.


3.10 Qseven media GmbH reserves the right to report violations of applicable law to the authorities of the respective country of the user. Qseven media GmbH also reserves the right to claim compensation for violations of the terms and conditions.


4. Rights granted by the user


4.1 The user transfers to the operator a remuneration-free, unlimited, comprehensive
Right of use, in particular for reproduction, distribution, processing on everyone
Works or parts of works that the user submits to Qseven media GmbH as part of the community, including the right to publish this content in print media, online, on CD-ROM etc., also for advertising purposes. The right of use includes only those uses that are necessary to fulfill the contractual obligations of the operator. The user reserves the right to object to individual uses.


4.2 The user allows Qseven media GmbH to adapt his personal data and the information provided to the Mund- undNase.de online system and to adapt it to the required format templates and to change images if necessary.


4.3 By posting texts, images, image sequences and characteristics, the user declares
that he is the owner of all rights to the texts, images, image sequences and marks provided.


4.4 The rights granted expire upon termination of membership or the
Removal of information from the user.


5. Deletion of the registration


Every user can have their registration deleted at any time. With the deletion of the
Registration does not apply. Qseven media GmbH is entitled to delete an existing registration without giving reasons, and will do so
especially if the user has provided incorrect information when registering
or violates the terms of use. The registration will be deleted
the respective user on the part of the community in writing, by fax or electronically
Post (email) communicated. In the event of deletion of the registration, there are no claims against Qseven media GmbH, in particular no deletion of user contributions in the community or on the platform.


6. Liability


6.1 Qseven media GmbH is only liable in cases where Qseven media GmbH itself, one
legal representative or a vicarious agent with intent or gross negligence. The above does not apply insofar as there is liability for damage to life, limb or health, as well as in the event of injury

Contractual obligations. Except in the case of intent, gross negligence and damage from the
Violation of life of the body or health is the liability amount
limited to the typically foreseeable damage.


6.2 For damage resulting from the use of information provided in particular by
the use of the community arise, the user alone is responsible as the provider of this


6.3 The user is generally liable for all activities that are carried out using his member account. Has the user misused his
User is not liable for not being responsible for member accounts because there is no breach of existing due diligence.


7. Indemnification


The user releases Qseven media GmbH from all claims that other users or other third parties assert against Qseven media GmbH due to violation of their rights by content posted by the user or because of their other use of the community. The user bears the costs of the necessary legal defense of Qseven media GmbH, including all court and lawyer costs, to the statutory extent. This does not apply if the user is not responsible for the violation. The user is obliged, Qseven media GmbH immediately in the event of claims by third parties,
provide truthful and complete all information necessary for that
Examination of claims and defense are required.


8. Warranty


Qseven media GmbH cannot guarantee technical defects, in particular for the permanent and uninterrupted availability of the database and its contents or for the complete and error-free reproduction of the contributions provided by the user
take over. The services in the community are offered by Qseven media GmbH free of charge and without obligation, without any legal obligations to maintain operations. Qseven media GmbH reserves the right to discontinue the community in whole or in part at any time without prior notice or to make it payable.


9. External links and viruses


9.1 Qseven media GmbH has no influence on the content of external links; are for this
solely responsible for their operator. Qseven media GmbH expressly distances itself from all content on external links and accepts no liability for their content.


9.2 The user is responsible for ensuring that the files transmitted by him are free of viruses.

Qseven media GmbH reserves the right to assert claims for damages due to virus-related damage to the user.


10. Data protection


The user is aware of the type, scope, location and purpose of the collection, processing and use
informs the operator of the personal data required for registration for Qseven media GmbH and for doing business (see data protection declaration).


The user is aware that Qseven media GmbH saves all pages viewed and the duration of each call to optimize the community. The user is also aware that personal information such as e-mail addresses are displayed in the community when a registration is made. Qseven media GmbH is authorized to communicate with the user electronically or otherwise, and the user agrees
such communication. The user undertakes, subject to one
express approval by Qseven media GmbH not to use any data of other users that has become known to the community in any form.


In particular, it is forbidden to use such information for advertising, unsolicited e-mails, other undesired contacts or for other unauthorized purposes.


11. Final provisions


11.1 The contract language is German.


11.2 The contracts of Qseven media GmbH and the user are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the laws on the international purchase of movable goods. This choice of law applies to consumers only insofar as the protection provided by mandatory provisions of the law of the state of the habitual residence of the consumer is not withdrawn from the customer.


11.3 If the user is a merchant, a legal person of the
public law or a special fund under public law
Place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from contractual relationships between the customer and
the seller's registered office. This also applies if the customer does not
general place of jurisdiction in Germany or the EU, or his place of residence or his
habitual residence at the time the lawsuit is filed is not known.


Source: Metzler lawyer - lawyer for competition law, trademark law and copyright


(End of terms of use)

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