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Imagine that you buy so-called community masks in a pack of 50 for an average of 45 ct / mask and you consume or dispose of about 3 masks per day. With consequently 21 masks per week this makes 9.45 € and approx. 40 € per month per person.


Accepted ...


A family of 4 pays just under € 40 a week, € 160 a month. For 4 sets of masks you only pay € 20 once


Practically ...


A company with around 50 employees pays almost € 500 a week, € 2000 a month. For 50 mask sets, you pay just under € 200 once .


Mouth & nose masks are robust and stable. You only need to replace the filter material. Think about your responsibility for family, work and the environment.



Cross out taboos

Show your courage

Do not feel ashamed

Stand by the crisis, free yourself from vanity. Masks are useful measures against infection from droplets and aerosols.


Stand up to the COVID-19 virus, with perseverance and discipline.



All around the world

people can benefit from your consideration

Be considerate of other people around you. You also benefit from their attention and consideration.


Help the seniors and take care of your children. Pay attention to distance, wash your hands regularly and observe the mask requirement.



Your behavior can help with recycling

Contribute to a healthy environment and avoid throwing away disposable masks. Manufacturing and overseas shipping also consume energy and resources. Disposable masks are hazardous waste.


Our mask sets are reusable, sustainable, stable and robust.


We source our mask sets from German production and use optimized shipping logistics.

Attention! No breathing mask! Do not use for medical purposes! The filter effect depends on the fit and the filter material inserted!

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