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The wearing of community or face masks mainly for covering the mouth and nose is becoming increasingly common. The knowledge contributes to this that infections or infections can be prevented or at least reduced across the board. Evidence was provided by the hygiene measures in connection with keeping clear and washing hands. It would be desirable for the trend to continue and for annual infection scenarios to be prevented.


Keep your distance | Wash hands Wear mask


A practical are, above all, inexpensive alternatives to conventional everyday masks or face masks are self-made masks to build yourself. We also supply a mask set consisting of two identical plastic trays that are equally disinfectable, dishwasher-safe and heatable up to 110 degrees. A suitable filter material of your own choice, such as paper or cotton towels, antimicrobial covers or professional non-woven material, is placed between these plastic shells.


The filter material can be exchanged and disposed of quickly and easily at any time. By the way, used masks, as well as handkerchiefs or serviettes, belong in the hazardous waste.



Robust, stabil, praktisch, universell, ergonomisch, 

hygienisch,  spülmaschinenfest


leichter Atmen


Nachhaltigkeit und Einsparung durch Erwerb eines

wiederverwendbaren Masken-Sets


Schloemer &


Joost und Joost sind engagierte Akteure, wenn es um die Versorgung  mit effizenten Schutzmaßnahmen geht. Masken und Visiere zum selber zusammenbauen erfüllen ihren Zweck und verhindern Umweltbelastung durch Wegwerfmasken.


Der Vertrieb von behelfsmäßigem Mitteln zur Eindämmung der Krise spornt sie an, insofern effiziente Logistik und Rück-nahmeabwicklung durch einen deutschen  Hersteller gewährleistet ist. 

Attention! No breathing mask! Do not use for medical purposes! The filter effect depends on the fit and the filter material inserted!

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