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Visors and face shields, like mouth-nose covers, do not replace medical face masks or respiratory masks.

In this respect, it is not certain whether face shields are suitable in the same way as mouth-nose masks for reducing Covid-19 infection via droplets of exhaled air or aerosols.


Spit protection


Visors are at most a supplement to mouth-nose covers for eye protection and inadvertently grasping the face or rubbing eyes in the same way as safety glasses.


The employer can assess whether the visors meet the requirements of the SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety standard as part of the risk assessment. The industry-specific support provided by the statutory accident insurance institutions must be taken into account.


Basic equipment for hospital staff


In medical facilities, however, facial visors are part of the necessary basic equipment for doctors, nurses and nurses.


Visors are in short supply here, so we react to the bottlenecks and deliver visors for medical use.


However, the FIT visor serves as a simple splash guard. It consists of an easy-to-disinfect visor carrier with an ergonomic design made of high-quality and skin-friendly polyethylene (PE).


The visor is equipped with a transparent, exchangeable shield foil and can be fastened around the head with a rubber band.






Robust, stable, practical, universal, ergonomic,

hygienic, dishwasher safe


easier breathing

Filterträger © FIT Additive Manufacturing Group


Sustainability and savings by purchasing a

reusable mask sets

Attention! No breathing mask! Do not use for medical purposes! The filter effect depends on the fit and the filter material inserted!

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